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  This is our homeground.It's located not far from our main city Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.The very excellent well build stadium is the second largest stadium in the country after the Commonwealth stadium located at the Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur. This stadium  was one of the venues during the World Youth Cup 1997.


The facts :


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Official Name Stadium Shah Alam (Shah Alam Stadium) ; Launch :  July 16, 1994
Location Shah Alam, Selangor
Type of Stadium Football cum track and field stadium
Year opened 1994
Seating capacity 70,000 (two storey terraces)
Seating Format Grand Stand, Corporate Box, Covered and Terraces
Facilities Toilets, Eateries, Praying rooms, Press rooms, Police stations, Offices, and Ample parking bays
Lighting 1,200 LUX for night time/TV coverage
Playing area 20 x 70 m
Surface: Manila grass
Scoreboard Two. Signtronics full colour matrix display, colour animated display capable of alpha numeric, graphics and animation.

Layout Plan

layout2.gif (9542 bytes) The Shah Alam Stadium is a massive 6 level semi-enclosed space, spanning an area of 155,000 sq m with a seating capacity of 69,372 and an additional 11,000 standing. The dimension of the pitch measures 105 metres by 68 metres.